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Re-evaluating our site - what is the scope of an "acceptable" list, if it exists?

We have a lot of open discussions on the subject of list questions - at least five of them. One conclusion I can draw from analyzing them is that we don't have a conclusion. There seems to be a faint ...
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What should be done with questions asking for game identification? [duplicate]

UPDATE: Identify this game (ITG) questions based on the asker's memory are now off topic on the site. The community reached this decision with 34 vs 27 votes New ITG questions will be closed ...
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What issues must be resolved before we vote on keeping "Identify This Game" questions? [closed]

Update: On Monday, the moderator team will post a question calling for concepts around the topic of better ITG criteria. Further details on how we will evaluate these criteria will be part of the ...
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[game-recommendations] and single, correct answers

On my question asking about game recommendations, the user random asked how such a question can have a single, correct answer. It's a very good question, in my opinion, so I bring it here - ...
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August 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest

The following is a "digest" version of the August 2011 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overflow, is one answer to this question for every question asked in ...
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Do we have personal problems with polls/List<T>/Game-Rec questions or is it habit?

I'd honestly like to get an opinion out of the community. Do we have an actual personal issue with List questions/Game-Rec questions or are we deciding against them because that's what the rest of SE ...
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Game recommendation room experiment

I created a chat room as an experiment to help people get game recommendations. Let's see how it goes. Opinions are welcomed. Please remember you need 20 reputation to talk in our chat channels.
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Voting on the future of list of X questions

As of now we have several questions discussing what to do with list of X and games-rec questions: Here's a summary of all that has been said before (and was upvoted): Should we allow poll questions -...
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Why "Is there any Civilization-like game for the Wii?" was closed?

Why this question was Closed? It's not like there's a long list of Wii games that are Civ-like or even turn-based-strategy. In the end, there should be one game recommendation. I mean, yes there is ...
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Question closed for being too specific?

This question is closed, apparently because it is too specific (although neither of the closers who left comments did a good job of explaining why it had been closed.) Can we just clarify if and why ...
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How should on-topic lists be answered?

I just asked a list question with a finite number of objectively correct answers: Which Fallout 3 items are sought-after by NPCs? What should the answer format be? I can think of two good options: ...
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