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Posting a question for a game that doesn't yet have a tag [duplicate]

I want to post a question about the game Towns, but there's no tag for that game and I can't create one. I'm not really sure if any tag that current exists applies. How can I post this question; what ...
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Does Google's "Piñata Game" deserve a tag? [duplicate]

For those of you who don't know Google now has a game (it's where the Google) logo normally is, and it's where you hit the piƱata then your score is based on how much candy you got out of it. I was ...
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Should a GTA 5 tag be made ready? [duplicate]

Tomorrow, in the UK (I don't know about the RoW I'm afraid) the next instalment in the GTA series is released. In preparation for a flood of new questions should a GTA 5 tag be added (gta-5?) so that ...
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Can someone with more rep than me create a tag for Bloodborne? [duplicate]

I searched through the tag list for "Blood" and none of the results were for Bloodborne. I even searched through the new tags page as the game came out yesterday the 24th but I couldn't find a tag for ...
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What are the requirements for suggesting a new tag? [duplicate]

What are the requirements for suggesting a new tag for Gaming SE via Gaming-Meta versus reputation requirements? As you can see I do not have enough reputation points to create a new tag.
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Is there a 'tag-less' tag? [duplicate]

Is there a tag that we can use for games which we don't already have tags for? While we do have an extensive library of tags, there is no way we have a tag for every single game available on steam, in ...
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What to do if there currently is no tag that fits my question? [duplicate]

I am wanting to ask a question about the game Slime Rancher, however there is no slime-rancher tag, nor any other tag which I have been able to find that has fitted my question, so what does one do in ...
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Will someone create a pokemon-second-generation and pokemon-third-generation tag, please? [duplicate]

It would seem that all of the other generations are represented except for these ones. I can't yet add tags. Will you please add them for us?
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Should a tag be created for Divinity: Original Sin 2? [duplicate]

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was released September 14th 2017, and has many differences from its predecessor, Divinity: Original Sin. While some mechanics remain the same, many of the underlying systems ...
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Creating tags for new games [duplicate]

Creating a tag requires a minimum of 300 reputation, which not everyne can achieve. New games are not always noticed by people and tags may not be created for them. For example I am trying to create a ...
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Consider creating a tag for the arcade game Pokemon Tretta [duplicate]

I was about to ask a question about Pokemon Tretta in Arqade, but I realized that there is no tag for it. I was guided to ask here for a tag creation since I'm not yet able to create one.
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Why there is no Tag for onepiece-treasurecruise [duplicate]

Here is the game link which i play in my android i am just asking because i have some questions.
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Please create the 1001-spikes tag so I can post a question! [duplicate]

Please create the 1001-spikes tag so I can post a question!
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Men of war Assault Squad 2 tag [duplicate]

We need a Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 tag. It could be MOW:AS2 or MOWAS2
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Would an Eternal Ring tag prove useful? [duplicate]

The other day, I was going to go ask a Question about an old PS2 RPG game I got back into, Eternal Ring, but I realized there is no tag for it! I am not sure it would be an extremely popular tag, ...
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