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Re-evaluating our site - what is the scope of an "acceptable" list, if it exists?

We have a lot of open discussions on the subject of list questions - at least five of them. One conclusion I can draw from analyzing them is that we don't have a conclusion. There seems to be a faint ...
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[game-recommendations] and single, correct answers

On my question asking about game recommendations, the user random asked how such a question can have a single, correct answer. It's a very good question, in my opinion, so I bring it here - ...
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Do we have personal problems with polls/List<T>/Game-Rec questions or is it habit?

I'd honestly like to get an opinion out of the community. Do we have an actual personal issue with List questions/Game-Rec questions or are we deciding against them because that's what the rest of SE ...
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Should we allow poll questions?

Like this one? Or should them be closed? EDIT: This question was deemed of topic in the definition phase, and it's very similar, so I voted to close
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What should our FAQ contain?

Enter a single FAQ (with answer) per answer. Vote on the ones you like the best. Vote on other site attributes
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Best/favourite/subjective list type questions

I completely agree with the close on: but I think that it's a good topic to have on this site in some form. There ...
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Are suggestions really subjective enough to close?

If people are asking for any suggestions for a game genre or a game that fits a specified niche. Is that really subjective enough to warrant a close vote? I agree that "Best of X" and "Suggest a fun ...
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What level of exclusion is healthy for the site at this point?

While we have several question threads regarding the [game-rec] issue, we don't have a separate commentary for this one. I believe that this underlying issue is one that directly influences the [game-...
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Cannot ask if something meets a certain criteria?

Recently a question was closed because it asked which products met a certain criteria -- which is apparently strictly off-topic for Arqade. I don't give two hoots that the question was closed (it was ...
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'Sounds like a List question' = subjective votes?

I recently asked How can I identify games that use Pando Media Booster, and is there a workaround to download the installer without it? where I also wanted to know which games use it (clearly ...
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Question closed for being too specific?

This question is closed, apparently because it is too specific (although neither of the closers who left comments did a good job of explaining why it had been closed.) Can we just clarify if and why ...
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About asking for "a game similar to X"?

My question on that kind of subject was closed. I wasn't exactly asking for a game recommendation, but rather for any games known to be similar to a particular one. I think that is a question that can ...
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How should on-topic lists be answered?

I just asked a list question with a finite number of objectively correct answers: Which Fallout 3 items are sought-after by NPCs? What should the answer format be? I can think of two good options: ...
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