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We shouldn't help users run pirated software [duplicate]

Edit: There does seem to be a bit of confusion from some people about my stance, so I want to be perfectly clear: We shouldn't require users to prove they own a copy of the game, and we should assume ...
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What should we do about piracy-specific-bug questions? [duplicate]

A flag just came in to the close queue, and I thought about it a lot. As you might know, some games add an intended bug/glitch to the game if they detect that the game was pirated. This is usually ...
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Are ROM hacks considered piracy? [duplicate]

Are ROM hacks considered pirated software for purposes of site policies against supporting software piracy? ROM hacks typically take existing game images (typically those of yesteryear) and edit in ...
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What is the correct response to an answer/comment to a question that involves piracy? [duplicate]

At John The Green's suggestion, I'm going to try to reword what I'm asking (again) to make it clearer to people. However, I'm going to keep the original below in case I somehow manage to make it worse....
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Cleanup 2013: It's time to clearly identify community consensus

On meta we have a tag to denote frequently asked questions, it is the moderator only bright red tag known as faq. This tag provides us the opportunity to group together our agreed community ...
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A Close Vote is not a Super-Downvote. Please don't use it as one

So, yesterday a dumb question was asked.. It was closed as Not A Real Question in less than an hour, and reopened mere minutes later. This isn't the first time that this has happened. It usually ...
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Are there grounds for getting an extra custom reason close slot?

LessPop's close reason was rejected recently by Shog for being too generic and catch-all, but we can only do so much with our three given slots. Here's what we cover(ed) in our close reasons again: ...
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Is asking how to get a game working on a jailbroken device on-topic?

Recently, some people haven't been able to play Pokemon Go because their phones are jailbroken. Would discussing how to get the app running on their phones be on-topic, or is that an area we don't ...
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What questions should be in our meta FAQ?

The tag faq is useful on many sites on this network for creating a list of questions that many users need to know but could never fit in the site FAQ. Arqade is not using that tag to its fullest ...
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Can we ask questions about internet browser games?

I noticed that people only talk about big games; Games that require you to download, or are really popular. Per example, take an (.io) game like No one talks or posts about it. Can we ask ...
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Why we should make a flag reason for closing modded Minecraft tech support questions

TL;DR We need a better flag reason for questions about tech support for modded Minecraft. Yes, yes, I know, we have discussed this 4 years ago, but so far the only changes in hope of solving this ...
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what is considered "future" here?

I've asked question related to Battlefield 4, which indeed is a future release. However, the question wasn't about the game itself, but about videos and information already released at E3. Why is ...
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How is a question about who someone is offtopic and promoting piracy?

So this question got closed: It should have stayed open because I cannot see any copyright violation or promotion of piracy or ...
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Why was this question closed for having illegal content?

Is my 3DS bricked? This question deals with homebrew, which on it's own is not illegal (homebrew is the means of running 'custom' applications on a device (usually a console) that are not officially ...
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Should we be closing questions that involve software that is illegal to distribute, but legal to download?

Recently a question has been closed for asking about some Obsidian client for Minecraft on SevenSidedDie's assertion that it was used to bypass Minecraft's DRM. The askers claims that it does no such ...
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