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What do we do with questions about games that can no longer be played?

So City of Heroes shut down over the weekend. There is no longer any way to play it, as the servers went dead. Now, we only have seven City of Heroes questions, so there's not a lot of content, one ...
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Spoiler alert: [spoiler] dies

Technically, does that count as putting a tag in the title? ♪ I mean, beyond the actual literal tag in the title. Jeff consulted me to bring up this subject on Meta in advance. spoiler is, by many ...
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Outdated Answers Due to Patches

What happens to questions and answers that will eventually get outdated because of future patches? Take for example if we were at the day that Warcraft 3 was released and I asked How do you ...
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Should the [counter-strike-global-offensive] tag be merged into [counter-strike-2]?

We have two tags right now: counter-strike-global-offensive counter-strike-2 Counter Strike 2 is actually the new name/replacement of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (i.e. Steam does not have "...
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Should we merge the overwatch and overwatch-2 tags?

I understand the motivation for having a different tag for sequels. However, I think Overwatch 2 is an exception, as it's a live service game that completely replaces Overwatch 1 (which cannot be ...
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What should be done with out of version questions?

Gaming is a fast moving field and sometimes things get left behind or shut down. What should we do with the content on the site that is no longer pertinent to the current state of gaming? Should we ...
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'Too Localised' is no longer a valid close reason, can we review these two popular Diablo 3 posts that were closed as such?

TL;DR: Two highly-voted questions by high-rep users appear to have been deleted for reasons we do not accept as valid close reasons, anymore. Can we reopen them with a disclaimer that they apply to ...
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Insert Coin, Feed Beast:

This is a formal notification of our commmunity FTB (Ultimate) Minecraft server. It is a whitelisted server, so if you want access ping @fredley or @RonanForman in chat. If you can't for some reason, ...
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Collapsible Sections/Spoilers

Feature Request - Collapsible Spoilers If the site added collapsible spoilers, that is, where it shows a block of text that has a label that when clicked on exposes all the text hidden away, long bits ...
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Dealing with old questions about non-existent features?

As games get updated, sometimes features are removed, or become redundant, especially with games that cannot have previous versions accessed, like the leaves in Pokémon Go. Questions like this, ...
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What's the deal with Community bumping obsolete questions? Necromancer bot?

I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page, and what do I find? Minecraft 1.9 freezes if I click on things too quickly Asked shortly after the 1.9 release in 2016. The problem in ...
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How should Minecraft Java Edition command questions be answered concerning versions?

Issue How should versions for Minecraft Java Edition be handled? The current agreement, concluded at the time of 1.13, is that the answer should have separated areas or multiple answers. The issue for ...
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Should you edit an answer to update it for DLC or content changes?

There is a pending edit for this answer to, Where are all of the truck dealers?, to a question on euro-truck-simulator-2. The original question asks about what trucks are available and at what ...
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Should I vote to close questions if they are outdated? [duplicate]

What does the number below the energy counter mean in Spiral Knights, and what is it for? Maximizing gameplay time in Spiral Knights These two are just an example of an update that hit Spiral Knights ...
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What should I do to a question that doesn't apply to a game anymore? [duplicate]

I once asked this question about My Nintendo and a specific feature. However with recent updates they removed the feature I'm asking about. What should I do with the question? Should I remove it, or ...
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