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Clarifying titles for the more generic-sounding questions

This is barking up a similar tree as this former discussion. The subject of titles on Arqade is one with a long history here. You know me, I'm the answerer to our corpse question, so I'm not talking ...
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Why are my questions having the game name added to the title?

I've recently posted a few questions and they've been edited to include the game name in the question title. It was my understanding that this was not required as the game is in the tag. These have ...
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Disable the "question with the same title" filter on Arqade

When trying to ask What does Luck do in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2? I found there was already a question titled "What does luck do?" No biggie, it was a completely different game (tag based ...
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Proposed edit rejected because it is too minor

My suggested edit was rejected because it was too minor. The change I made is indeed technically minor; I just removed the "NWN2" part of the title since it is already included as a tag. While I just ...
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Was this rollback appropriate? [duplicate]

This is the revision/post I am curious about. Now, I'm not going to start a rollback war and I'm not here to criticize this user's reasoning over why the rollback was needed, rather, to make sure ...
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Why was my edit of a question title rejected?

As far as I understand, putting the name of a game (aka a tag) in a title is not needed at all, unless its in the flow of the question. Yet one of my edits was rejected because: "This edit does not ...
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Include a game's name in question titles to avoid confusion in the HNQ sidebar [duplicate]

I just joined this exchange solely in order to post this meta question. Usually, I hang out in the programming-related exchanges, but, as with any old dictionary, one gets ... sidetracked ... by the ...
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Should the name Think-Different and the level number be included in Think-Different question titles?

Should we include both the title and level number in the title for these questions? It seems like both are needed to distinguish between questions. Stuck on level (a common phrase in think-different ...
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Questions fitting more than one game

Due to the nature of some games, it is possible (even inevitable) that some questions would fit more than one game. It is customary not to add game name to question title, however questions that only ...
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Why was this question's title reverted to be in the '[tag] - [question title]' format?

This is regarding this question which is currently titled: MU online - are there accumulated benefits to raising stamina early in the game for high HP? I have previously changed the title of the ...
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