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When does X come out on my system? [duplicate]

I noticed a question asking about when a Call of Duty: Ghost expansion was coming to PS4, which has since been deleted (@Frank found the question). I agree that these are not good questions, but the ...
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Why we should make a flag reason for closing modded Minecraft tech support questions

TL;DR We need a better flag reason for questions about tech support for modded Minecraft. Yes, yes, I know, we have discussed this 4 years ago, but so far the only changes in hope of solving this ...
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Are questions about Star Citizen on topic?

As I understand, questions about pre-release games are not on-topic because it is either speculation or subject to change. Only when the game is actually released will things be verifiable. I wonder ...
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Are questions about unreleased consoles on topic?

The Xbox one and PS4 will shortly be released. I know that questions about unreleased games are off topic, however there is a fair amount of information the we have access to specifically about these ...
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Is there actually a gap time between game release and question asking?

User MattR made a comment on a question on Payday 2: A reasonable time would have been better, rather than directly after the came out. Overkill can, and have, been cryptic in how certain ...
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Are overseas Games allowed?

My problem stems from a beta im in, however, that beta is currently on going in South Korea. So if I were to post a question about said game, would it be closed?
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Why was this question re-closed?

129350 (" diablo-3How is loot shared on D3 console co-op?") was put on hold today, with the following close reasons given: "Questions about unreleased or illegal content are off topic on Arqade. ...
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Should streamers be considered members of the industry for purposes of unreleased content?

In the moderator election questions, badp's suggestion provoked an interesting train of thought. I'll provide a little backstory. Dark Souls 3 was available to popular streamers well before the ...
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How / can we ask about preparation for an expansion or new patch?

This concerns this question, but I think we can have a discussion more abstractly. What are the restrictions on asking about preparation for future content? In this case, there are a limited number ...
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Can we ask questions about games that haven't been "released" but are under Steam Early Access? [duplicate]

Title says it all. I've been kinda curious about those games now that Steam has the feature which allows for early access to games.
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Why is this "unreleased content", when it actually isn't? Why was this closed? Ironically, even though some here thought it was "unreleased", at the time of the ...
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Am I allowed to ask about beta testing games?

I want to ask about tips on becoming a beta tester. Like which is more important, whether it's testing for Windows, or for Mac, and which one gives me a better chance to be chosen as a tester. Are ...
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Are questions about Trial and Beta on-topic? [duplicate]

Obviously unreleased games are off-topic, because there's no way to know what the answer will be until the game is released. This can include trial and beta, because while I can play the game now, the ...
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Am I allowed to ask questions about a game which is in closed beta? [duplicate]

I have a WoW: Warlords of Draenor beta key and I played the closed beta of BF: Hardline, so now I ask myself, if I ever have a problem during a closed beta, am I allowed to ask a question about it or ...
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Should we post on games that are still in Beta (Private or Public)? [duplicate]

I'm a member of the Solforge beta. It's a great game, and I'm beginning to run into a few things where I could ask Q's on Arq (regarding tactics, as game stability is obviously still an ongoing issue) ...
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