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Do we really need this "longplay" tag?

From my understanding, we typically avoid meta tags. However, I saw this longplay tag get created, which is essentially just a type of playthrough and I'm not entirely sure it's necessary. The ...
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Should Game Identification questions be tagged with the game name when an answer is found?

Someone else knowing this game could use the other ("wrong") answers as recommendations to similar games.
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Rename the [legend-of-heroes-tits] tag [duplicate]

I'm not sure but i think that the tag legend-of-heroes-tits should have something else in it instead of 'tits' or am i just being overly sensitive? The game name is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the ...
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Do we need the [left-4-dead-series] tag?

The only question with left-4-dead-series tag was this question about Jesus room in No Mercy campaign, present in both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Do we actually need it, as it no longer applies to ...
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Are tags [Inventory-management] and [economics] really necessary?

This question has used the tags inventory-management and economics and has become the only question in either tags. I know [economics] used to exist, as per this question back in 2011, but it's faded ...
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Why do we need a [ludum-dare] tag?

Minicraft questions are beginning to appear on the site and, while reviewing, I noticed that they've also been tagged with ludum-dare. Seeing this as being roughly equivalent to a series tag, and the ...
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Privileges: Create Tags page still says tags get deleted after 6 months

I'm aware that Arqade has disabled the automatic-tag-cleanup-after-6-months script (see Stop removing tags that are only used once in the last 6 months), but the Privileges Create Tags sub-page still ...
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Add a 'new tags' review queue

David has kindly granted the request to Stop removing tags that are only used once in the last 6 months. In his answer he mentioned that we should: Get familiar with
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How to handle [untagged] questions

I took a look at all the untagged questions When selecting the retag option on a question the right-hand side help shows: ► favor existing popular tags; avoid creating new tags(emphasis mine) Now I'...
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Merge [okami] and [okami-hd]

Arqade currently has two separate tags for okami and okami-hd. This seems a bit redundant, considering the HD PS3 port is nearly identical to the original PS2 release. I suggest merging the two tags, ...
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How should I tag a question about Universal Minecraft Editor?

I have found a fix for Universal Minecraft Editor's broken chunk locator, and I wish to ask a question to provide information on how the fix works. This question is on-topic because it asks about game-...
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