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Please don't misuse the voting system

This has been in discussion in chat on and off since I first joined up. Random downvotes and upvotes are things that happen. No need to sweat it. It happens, move on. We've had this discussion ...
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Do esoteric rules hurt the site?

As a lurker/new user it seems like the actual rules for what questions are allowed to be asked are esoteric and arcane and are enforced either arbitrarily or with no feedback to the person asking the ...
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"Here is a thing. Look at the thing. Do you see the thing? I would like to know what this Thing is Called." A plea for sanity

identify-this-game was a Bad Tag. It was applied to Bad Questions. It is gone forever, and I could not be happier. But it appears, that we have been throwing some babies out with our admittedly ...
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Let's be nice to each other

As a moderator, I'm often staring at a list of the most offensive content currently available on the site. I keep seeing certain patterns emerge, and I think these patterns are potentially dangerous. ...
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Why are we getting so few questions for big new games?

One thing that I noticed is that the amount of questions we get for new AAA releases seems to be getting lower. I don't have much hard data here, comparisons to the games where competitions were run ...
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What should we do about these old Starcraft 2 build order questions?

We have a problem. Three of our currently highest scoring questions are no longer acceptable by current site rules, and may never never have been acceptable to begin with. It's likely the only reason ...
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How should we deal with rude comments?

In light of What about the new user experience here is turning people away? I thought the issue of rude comments should be brought up. Are rude comments okay? How should one react to rude comments? ...
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How should we handle non-beta pre-release questions?

This is separate from questions about gameplay during betas, which are a beast of a different caliber with a different set of issues. We all know the feeling of being excited about an upcoming game ...
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Revisiting the Identify-this-game ban

I think the time is ripe to revisit our identify this game rules, following this week's discussion on chat and meta. The status quo The current policy is that any question asking to identify a game ...
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What are "our strengths"?

I see "It does not play to our strengths as a site" being used as a justification for closing questions but have never heard what those are. Do they exist? I can think of a few things that are not ...
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What can we do about users who make an account, ask a question, and never return?

Day after day when using Arqade, I see questions (poorly worded, formatted, whatever the case may be) from users who had just created the account to ask the question. Almost every time the question ...
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Marking as duplicate can cause a very slow questions rate in the future

Many of the best questions about gaming were already asked. An answer posted now to them will not be significant. This means that new users will earn reputation harder. And in the future,because the ...
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