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What is the right way to tag a game that has multiple platforms? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform or with “multi-platform”? Platform Tags are Useless I was reading a question about Kingdoms of ...
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Should all questions be tagged with the system(s) they are valid on? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform or with “multi-platform”? And what about multi-system games where the question does not specify ...
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Platform Tags are Useless

So, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the ...
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Sorting out the tagging mess

A lot of users, myself included, believe the current tagging situation is a bit messy. This has been discussed before: A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming Let's talk about [...
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Allow tags to be blacklisted specifically from appearing in the HTML page title

The HTML page title feature which puts the most popular tag on the front of the question is a very useful tool. Problem is two-fold, however. It kills our game-specific SEO if we try to implement a ...
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Console tags, any consensus yet?

Yesterday, Someone removed the [Wii] tag from almost all many Wii questions. I rolled-back is modification on the question I asked because I found those tag really useful; In my interesting tags, ...
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Mandatory tags for platform?

We appear to have instant consensus that a game tag (or game series tag) should be applied to all questions on specific titles. link The only added value I see in adding it is for ...
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Should questions about achievements/trophies for a specific game include the console-specific tag?

For example, I had edited this question and removed both the ps4 and xbox-one tags, since the question is concerned mainly about a specific trophy and/or achievement being bugged/patched/etc. I felt ...
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Dwarf fortress platform tag

Recently I noticed many of the questions in the [dwarf-fortress] tag had been re-tagged to add [pc]. (List) This doesn't cause a problem, but it seems a little silly, especially since the current ...
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Do some of these Steam tagged questions deserve the tag?

Do some of these Steam tagged questions deserve the tag? Maybe the last one does. What are the chances behind what items you get in chests/boxes in Counter Strike: GO? This is about CS:GO gameplay ...
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Dealing with tagging policy inconsistency for iOS games

There's no specific discussion on Meta nor any mention in the ios tag wiki of how we should be using this tag and whether or not it's being used properly, so I wanted to discuss it here. We currently ...
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Should I tag a request by the associated console?

Last night I asked a question regarding an original Gameboy game and I included the Gameboy tag. The tag was removed by another user (who has a score about 5 times larger than my own.) I was under ...
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How religious should I be about tagging questions to include the platform of the game?

Is it an accepted practice to tag console-specific games (PC, PS3, XBox 360, etc) with the platform for which the game in an exclusive game? What about non-exclusive games? If the question is worded ...
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