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Arqade year in review - your input requested! [closed]

The blog post is up! Thanks for your help. On October 6th, 2010, graduated from beta status! In celebration of the 2 year anniversary of this date, I'm working on a "year ...
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Obsolete comment flag handling

We've got well over 5000 obsolete comments on Arqade. Since these cannot be handled using any of the user level tools, I have been flagging these so that they can be actioned by a moderator, however ...
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Platform Tags are Useless

So, for nearly two years now, we've had a fairly straightforward 'rule' for when to use Platform Tags (i.e. ps3, pc etc.): I think it should only be added when: It's a general question about the ...
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Should we allow tags for a specific class in RPG games?

Browsing the site today, I came across this question, which was unique in Diablo 3 in that it is the only question with a secondary tag for the player class. Taking guidance from this meta question, ...
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Have we not been clear enough that meta-tags are a Bad Thing™?

We have some users going around specifically adding meta-tags to questions. I cannot fathom why, honestly. I thought we were very clear on this point. But some people seem not to get it. They're ...
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What, if any, policy changes should we make to account for the recent changes to the AUP regarding sexually explicit content?

The Acceptable Use Policy has been updated. Among other changes, it now allows sexually explicit content in certain circumstances: Sexually Explicit Material. You may not post content, or links to ...
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Grand Theft Auto V vs GTA Online

Problem: At present there is no [gta-online] tag, as some moderators have been actively removing it from questions when it has been used, forcing those with questions relating to this online game to ...
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Achievement Tag (Un?)locked

So, this is spawning based on the discussion in the clean up thread. Pulling it out so it is more visible and can be discussed. What should we do with the achievements tag?
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Sorting out the tagging mess

A lot of users, myself included, believe the current tagging situation is a bit messy. This has been discussed before: A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming Let's talk about [...
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Edit wars are bad. Don't encourage or participate in them

I've noticed a disturbing trend in the past couple of weeks - there's been a surge in the number of edit wars, including some that have spilled over into Meta. I keep having to cut and paste the same ...
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Tags are bad for organization, and require more effort than they should

Here's version 2.0, which cuts a lot of the flavor in favor of more bullet points :) Problem: Tags != Organization Organization requires: Planning, to understand the best way to organize Structure, ...
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Should general questions about technical issues be on-topic? If so, what subset?

StrixVaria has noted in his answer to The Great Arqade Clean-Up of 2012: If [technical-isssues] questions are allowed to remain on the site, then grouping them together is a logical thing to do. The ...
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Cleanup 2014: It's time for burnination!

A continuation of The Great Arqade Cleanup of 2012. Call this the 2013 2014 edition if you wish. We've still got some horrible tags. I require upvotes as authorisation of removing them. This post is ...
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Class Tags and Diablo 3

In the spirit of things elsewhere on the site, and since the Diablo III promotion is winding down, I thought it might be prudent to reflect on the consensus to allow class-specific tags for a game. ...
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Why was my question looking for guides closed?

This question was closed: How can I effectively use Zangief in SF 4 Volt for iPad? I have no idea why, except that apparently I was asking for a "guide" (aka. an online resource). I'm not aware of ...
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