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The Great Arqade Clean-Up of 2012

Don't just delete the tag from the question and ignore everything else. If a question also has grammatical errors, terrible title, et cetera, then fix it along with removing the tag. Let's Get This ...
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Questions with vague titles

I know these questions are OK when you look at the tag, but I think this and this question should have "in NetHack" at the end of the title. Do you agree or is it just me that is picky? As ...
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Have we not been clear enough that meta-tags are a Bad Thing™?

We have some users going around specifically adding meta-tags to questions. I cannot fathom why, honestly. I thought we were very clear on this point. But some people seem not to get it. They're ...
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Why are the top two tags being added to a question's title?

A few of us noticed today that Gaming has started adding twice the number of tags into the title of the page (if the Question title doesn't already contain the string in question). In a word, why? ...
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Sorting out the tagging mess

A lot of users, myself included, believe the current tagging situation is a bit messy. This has been discussed before: A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming Let's talk about [...
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Do we want tags for specific heroes or roles in Overwatch?

As per Should we allow tags for a specific class in RPG games?, we consider adding sub-tags for games on a case-by-case basis. Some of the games we have done this for include Team Fortress 2, Diablo 3 ...
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Class Tags and Diablo 3

In the spirit of things elsewhere on the site, and since the Diablo III promotion is winding down, I thought it might be prudent to reflect on the consensus to allow class-specific tags for a game. ...
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Change the title when the two most popular tags share a common prefix / substring

As seen in this discussion, the community seems to look favorably at tags in the form of [gamename-suffix], e.g. diablo-3-demon-hunter. Unfortunately, as Mark pointed out, this does not really sit ...
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Should we add more specific tags for ME3 questions?

ME3 has more than 500+ tags at the moment, and we are starting to get a number of duplicates (including ones I've opened). Should we consider going through old questions to add more tags to them to be ...
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Why are some questions tagged [fun]?

There are 6 questions on the main site currently tagged fun. What is the sense in this? Aren't all games supposed to be fun? A search for the word fun in text turns up 3 pages of results. Is there ...
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Why do we have tags like diablo-3-demon-hunter?

The tags for questions concerning Diablo 3 characters look very redundant like this: diablo-3 diablo-3-demon-hunter For Starcraft there is no starcraft-1-terran and starcraft-2-terran. It is just ...
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Should we start putting Diablo 3 lore questions into a tag?

With Diablo 3 firing on all cylinders, players are progressing at vastly different rates. There are starting to be more and more questions about the lore from people who have finished the game. The ...
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Why does Team Fortress 2 have sub-tags?

Ok, the title might seem a little stupid because I have no idea what this kind of thing is called. For example, when I click on team-fortress-2, I see in the related tags section: tf2-spy, tf2-mann-...
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Are game subtags still needed?

I'm talking about tags like tf2-spy, diablo-3-wizard, and starcraft-zerg. I believe only team-fortress-2, diablo-3, and starcraft-2 use subtags like these. I have the feeling these tags were created ...
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Burn the Diablo 3 class tags!

I was just browsing the tags and I noticed that the class tags for Diablo 3 still exist. I don't feel like they are necessary. They are used sparingly nowadays. Even in general compared to the total ...
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