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Are ROM hacks considered piracy? [duplicate]

Are ROM hacks considered pirated software for purposes of site policies against supporting software piracy? ROM hacks typically take existing game images (typically those of yesteryear) and edit in ...
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Do we allow questions about unofficial game releases (fangames)? [duplicate]

I'm specifically asking about Pokemon Ash Grey, which is a fan-made hack of Fire Red/Leaf Green, but this question could relate to any complete game overhaul. I have a question or two about Ash Grey ...
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Cleanup 2013: It's time to clearly identify community consensus

On meta we have a tag to denote frequently asked questions, it is the moderator only bright red tag known as faq. This tag provides us the opportunity to group together our agreed community ...
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What's the official stance on console emulation?

The way I see it, many of us enthusiasts are probably familiar with emulation and use emulators to play classic games. (I do, I'll readily admit.) However, it's also fairly likely that many cartridge/...
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Should we allow links to "abandonware" game sites?

I'm seeing a number of mod flags around links to abandonware sites like: Should these "grey market" sites be allowed?
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What's bad in helping someone move their save files from a cracked game?

This question was asked and closed: The Binding Of Isaac: move stats from pirated version to legal, steam-bought version? How is it suddenly not a good idea to help a person move their progress from a ...
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What questions should be in our meta FAQ?

The tag faq is useful on many sites on this network for creating a list of questions that many users need to know but could never fit in the site FAQ. Arqade is not using that tag to its fullest ...
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What's the deal with [legal]?

A contested tag from the "off topic" roundup is legal. Why should it be burninated or allowed to survive?
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Should we be closing questions that involve software that is illegal to distribute, but legal to download?

Recently a question has been closed for asking about some Obsidian client for Minecraft on SevenSidedDie's assertion that it was used to bypass Minecraft's DRM. The askers claims that it does no such ...
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How long do close votes remain valid?

I've recently asked a question about an unofficial fan-made game, after having gained clarification that such questions are in fact on topic. Some people originally disagreed, and the question in ...
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Is posting about privately-run servers of a defunct game on-topic?

Way back in the day I played Star Wars: Galaxies (SWG) for a long time. Later on (10+ years ago) SOE shut down the entire game. Since then, there have been some communities of privately run servers ...
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Why are questions about piracy and related issues off-topic?

This site seems to have a harsh policy regarding piracy, and it makes me wonder. However, I am sure that there do exist grounds to ban questions regarding pirated games. If you admit using an old, ...
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