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Arqade year in review - your input requested! [closed]

The blog post is up! Thanks for your help. On October 6th, 2010, graduated from beta status! In celebration of the 2 year anniversary of this date, I'm working on a "year ...
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Have we not been clear enough that meta-tags are a Bad Thing™?

We have some users going around specifically adding meta-tags to questions. I cannot fathom why, honestly. I thought we were very clear on this point. But some people seem not to get it. They're ...
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Sorting out the tagging mess

A lot of users, myself included, believe the current tagging situation is a bit messy. This has been discussed before: A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming Let's talk about [...
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Why does Gaming.SE use tags differently from other SE sites?

The use of tags on Gaming.SE seems fairly apart from other sites. Dozens of the tags are meta and essentially useless for someone to follow and be an expert in. Aside from some specific cases, ...
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Is there a reason why Ignored tags are, well, not really ignored?

I understand that this is a question regarding the entire StackExchange network, but recently this annoyance of mine has been considerably elevated because of Skyrim. I like the idea of being able to ...
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What do we do with historic questions that no longer make sense?

Minecraft's new (as of 1.5) water physics mean that this question no longer makes sense as a question - the situation can no longer arise. Should this question be closed/deleted?
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Make the [spoiler] tag ignored by default, even for anonymous users

That's what it says on the tin, although chances are spoilers are to be expected throughout the website really. This can make for a useful inbuilt spoiler warning: Alternatively, the spoiler tag ...
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How can we fix people not using spoiler tags?

Many times new users do not know how to correctly hide spoilers by using the corresponding tag (>!). They often just write something like "SPOILER ALERT" or some variant. One user attempted to ...
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Should we start putting Diablo 3 lore questions into a tag?

With Diablo 3 firing on all cylinders, players are progressing at vastly different rates. There are starting to be more and more questions about the lore from people who have finished the game. The ...
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Proper usage of spoiler tag?

It's been noted that spoiler tags should be used only(?) when the titles contain spoilers, but I'm noticing that the tag is also being used to note that there are spoilers in the content of the ...
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How do we feel about [spoiler] as a tag?

I would've thought that for some questions regarding quests that occur late in-game that can be considered a spoiler we could've tagged it spoiler but, as I went to edit a question, I realized there ...
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Should text with the spoiler markdown appear in question summaries?

I noticed that if a question uses the >! spoiler markdown within the first 200 characters, then the "hidden" text will still appear in the question summary that is displayed in search results. For ...
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