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Re-evaluating our site - what is the scope of an "acceptable" list, if it exists?

We have a lot of open discussions on the subject of list questions - at least five of them. One conclusion I can draw from analyzing them is that we don't have a conclusion. There seems to be a faint ...
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Do we have personal problems with polls/List<T>/Game-Rec questions or is it habit?

I'd honestly like to get an opinion out of the community. Do we have an actual personal issue with List questions/Game-Rec questions or are we deciding against them because that's what the rest of SE ...
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Best/favourite/subjective list type questions

I completely agree with the close on: but I think that it's a good topic to have on this site in some form. There ...
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Re-open A Question

This one. It's a recommendations thread. It's harmless, and no different than people asking for PC TBS games. I can't believe people voted to close it (I can, but that is a topic for another time). ...
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Voting on the future of list of X questions

As of now we have several questions discussing what to do with list of X and games-rec questions: Here's a summary of all that has been said before (and was upvoted): Should we allow poll questions -...
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Community Wiki needs to be explained better!

For new users like me it is very difficult to understand the point of the community wiki and difference in purpose to the normal questions. Only after finding and searching the meta.stackexchange I ...
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Are suggestions really subjective enough to close?

If people are asking for any suggestions for a game genre or a game that fits a specified niche. Is that really subjective enough to warrant a close vote? I agree that "Best of X" and "Suggest a fun ...
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Why "Is there any Civilization-like game for the Wii?" was closed?

Why this question was Closed? It's not like there's a long list of Wii games that are Civ-like or even turn-based-strategy. In the end, there should be one game recommendation. I mean, yes there is ...
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What level of exclusion is healthy for the site at this point?

While we have several question threads regarding the [game-rec] issue, we don't have a separate commentary for this one. I believe that this underlying issue is one that directly influences the [game-...
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Question closed for being too specific?

This question is closed, apparently because it is too specific (although neither of the closers who left comments did a good job of explaining why it had been closed.) Can we just clarify if and why ...
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Are questions that are meant to find games of very limited genres be allowed?

Hi, I notice this thread was closed due to be subjective and argumentative I found in ...
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