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How to ask about the history of keyboard trends in gaming? [duplicate]

I asked a question about the history of the use of F5 for saving in games. It was closed for the reason of "Questions asking for help identifying a game, whether based on a description, or feature ...
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Are there grounds for getting an extra custom reason close slot?

LessPop's close reason was rejected recently by Shog for being too generic and catch-all, but we can only do so much with our three given slots. Here's what we cover(ed) in our close reasons again: ...
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Could someone explain this joke to me?

Arrow to the knee. Duke Nukem Fornever. There sure are a lot of jokes about video games out there. If only I had a place I could go to learn what makes them funny. Should this be that place? Our ...
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What is the difference between historical trivia questions and identification or recommendation questions? And should they be allowed?

Today, two questions were asked: What was the first console or handheld to have a user interface outside of games? What is the origin of the standard color coding scheme for item rarity? Very ...
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Is "Historical Trivia" off-topic?

I recently asked a question about the origin of the term 'buff' and received a comment saying: This question appears to be off-topic because it is about historical trivia about the origin of a word....
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"practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face"

The FAQ says: You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. It could be me, but lately there seem to be more people quoting this phrase to gain close-...
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What questions should be in our meta FAQ?

The tag faq is useful on many sites on this network for creating a list of questions that many users need to know but could never fit in the site FAQ. Arqade is not using that tag to its fullest ...
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Is it on-topic to ask if [a specific game] "invented" [a specific feature]?

Would it be on-topic to ask if [a specific game] "invented" [a specific feature], i.e. if it really was the first (published) game to introduce such a feature? Expectable answers would be: Yes ([a ...
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What is it with the first custom off-topic close reason?

I still don't understand this close reason: Questions that ask which games or other products meet specific criteria are off topic. We primarily deal with questions about playing games, not about ...
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What should we do with two similar styles of "history" question?

We currently have two very similar types of questions that are handled very differently according to past consensus and precedent: Questions asking about the origin of a particular feature, differing ...
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Identifying a publisher, not a game, by a game feature

In What should be done with questions asking for game recommendations? the vote was to forbid all game recommendation questions on Arqade. In Is it on-topic to ask if [a specific game] “invented” [a ...
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Request for Tag Burnination: [Game-History]

The accused: game-history This tag has 5 questions, and all of them are closed. According to this meta question, requests about the history of certain game elements is not something we want. And, ...
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On/Off Topic inconsistencies in Help, Flag, etc

This is a follow-up to @Caleb's Is "Historical Trivia" off-topic? The consensus there was that those questions are fine, since it's about video games. This conflicts directly with the older ...
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