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What should be done with questions asking for game identification? [duplicate]

UPDATE: Identify this game (ITG) questions based on the asker's memory are now off topic on the site. The community reached this decision with 34 vs 27 votes New ITG questions will be closed ...
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Should vague ITG questions have an edit window? [closed]

UPDATE: As of 16/3/2012, Game Identification/ITG questions based only on the asker's memory are now prohibited on the site. See the following post: What are the requirements for asking a game ...
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How to ask moderator for help, raise awereness, or policy changing

I cannot find any particular way to ask moderators for help, propose/contest/change policies or similar things. Is there any way to do this? Since I don't know how to reach one, I'll post my issue ...
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What is the point of "help me remember this game" questions? [closed]

UPDATE: As of 16/3/2012, Questions asking for help identifying a game are now prohibited on the site, unless you have an actual artifact from the game such as screenshots or audio clips. For ...
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Identify this game - removed?

ETA: Yes, I have read the arguments. I found them lacking. While they have their merit, none of them really explain why ITG questions harm SE and why they must be removed. The only single fact that ...
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Call for concepts: Determining new "Identify This Game" criteria [closed]

This phase ended with one suggestion (+22/-4) submitted. The next step is/was a poll here that ran from 3/9 to 3/16. The purpose of this question is to determine what requirements would need to be ...
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What issues must be resolved before we vote on keeping "Identify This Game" questions? [closed]

Update: On Monday, the moderator team will post a question calling for concepts around the topic of better ITG criteria. Further details on how we will evaluate these criteria will be part of the ...
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Let's Talk About UFO's, and I don't mean the Ask Question Mothership: [closed]

175 Reasons LessPop_MoreFizz Doesn't Like identify-this-game This is a list of every currently open unanswered ITG Question that has not seen activity in more than a week. All but the first 25 or so ...
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Closing reasons for identify-this-game questions [closed]

I'm puzzled about why this question has been closed. IMEO, identify-this-game questions should be closed if they have so few details they can "match" multiple games; while I agree that the linked ...
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How to interpret voting on identify-this-game questions? [closed]

Voting is meant to separate good from bad answers. However, identify-this-game questions can only have one correct answer or none. There is no (potential) continuous answer quality level. So, should ...
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Identify this game: duplicates [closed]

What to do with identify-this-game duplicates? The answer to this question is the same as this one, but the descriptions that users gave were a bit different. Do we have to close it as duplicate or ...