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Make a special tag class for "game tags".

An unofficial but neigh-undisputed pattern that appeared here in gaming is tagging questions with the name of the game they are concerned with. Some questions concern more than one games while others ...
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Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform or with "multi-platform"?

We appear to have instant consensus that a game tag (or game series tag) should be applied to all questions on specific titles. Should we also look to apply either a console or platform tag (iphone, ...
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Prioritising our bugs and requests for CM review

Last week, a proposal was announced on Meta Stack Exchange to address the growing workload of the CM team, and for them to actually start addressing community requests and feedback again: Our ...
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Why are the top two tags being added to a question's title?

A few of us noticed today that Gaming has started adding twice the number of tags into the title of the page (if the Question title doesn't already contain the string in question). In a word, why? ...
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Should we try to encourage at least 2 tags per question?

One thing Gaming.stackexchange has been wishy-washy in regards to tags. For instance, When should we use genre tags? In addition to that, we have tags like murder, or dwarf-fortress-fun, protoss that ...
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Let's talk about [Mods]

In no small part inspired by another question, I wanted to briefly consider the role of the mods tag. We've had a couple discussions already about whether or not they're appropriate, but only one ...
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Search auto-converts words to tags - but I didn't want to search for the tag!

This is probably more unique to Gaming than SE at large. I was trying to search for questions about mods in swtor. Not mods, but mods, the actual items that you can slot into your equipment. So, ...
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Using the site to create "game guides" and "trophy guides"?

Obviously I'm not talking about about posting an entire game guide into one question, that would be way too broad for a question. I'm talking about just general tasks in games that you find semi-...
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Setting priority for Twitter #hashtags from question tags

Sometimes the mechanism that posts tweets seems to be posting the least relevant tag as the Twitter #hashtag. For Example: Can you answer ...
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Export of tags with disproportionate question-to-follower ratio?

We've had a few discussions lately about proper use of tags on SGE: Let's talk about Mods [baby] An End to Endings Request for Tag Burnination: Review All are based off of the same concepts: Meta ...
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Twitter user StackGaming needs some common sense [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Setting priority for Twitter #hashtags from question tags Make a special tag class for "game tags". Allow tags to be blacklisted specifically from appearing in the ...
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