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Spoiler alert: [spoiler] dies

Technically, does that count as putting a tag in the title? ♪ I mean, beyond the actual literal tag in the title. Jeff consulted me to bring up this subject on Meta in advance. spoiler is, by many ...
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A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming

This meta post is being made as per David Fullerton's suggestion. Hey, Jeff, can we talk? We know you're very busy doing stuff, but I think many of us folks here on Gaming would appreciate some ...
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Sorting out the tagging mess

A lot of users, myself included, believe the current tagging situation is a bit messy. This has been discussed before: A personal appeal to Jeff Atwood: Recent Changes to Gaming Let's talk about [...
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What are the best practices for tagging on Gaming.SE?

I think we've kind of been dancing around this question, and I think that it's a question that really needs a definitive, solid answer that everyone agrees on. I can't find a meta post (perhaps one ...
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What's going on with meta tags?

I've noticed that there have been some edits recently involving meta tags: specifically, on questions like these ...
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Avoid tags that mean different things in different games

Well this is actually a continuation of a rant I had back in July, but the content here is a little different and more specific, so please disregard the previous thread :) Many tags currently have ...
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Underused genre tags

So we have these tags such as first-person-shooter, rpg, and mmorpg which, at first glance, seem to be pretty well off(63, 72, and 80 usages, respectively)...until you examine how consistently they're ...
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What should be done about [Strategy] and similar tags? What conventions should we be adhering to?

Those who have been in chat for the past day or so have seen me ranting at length about how tags which are not [Game Title] are, for the most part, fundamentally not useful. As an example, take a ...
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How should I tag on gaming SE? (Are genre tags used?)

I tagged a question about a role playing game with role-playing-game. The tag was removed by Drake, and I guess he knew what he was doing, as also the tag wiki states: Use this tag for questions ...
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How religious should I be about tagging questions to include the platform of the game?

Is it an accepted practice to tag console-specific games (PC, PS3, XBox 360, etc) with the platform for which the game in an exclusive game? What about non-exclusive games? If the question is worded ...
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