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Add "Game Development" to off-topic selection list when flagging a post

I've noticed a few different questions recently that were better asked on the Game Development Stack Exchange site. Considering how closely the two sites are related, I would assume that such ...
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Can we replace the GitHub Profile field with Steam ID?

New profiles are here! Yay! There are fields for relevant social links like Twitter and... GitHub? I mean, GitHub makes tons of sense over on the mothership, but here at Arqade, we're about using ...
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Setting priority for Twitter #hashtags from question tags

Sometimes the mechanism that posts tweets seems to be posting the least relevant tag as the Twitter #hashtag. For Example: Can you answer ...
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Cannot search Arqade mobile site from Nintendo 3DS

I was playing a game on my 3DS and wanted to get an answer about it, so I figured I'd use the 3DS's web browser to access Arqade. Overall the mobile site works quite well on the 3DS (though it is not ...
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Can We Use the Old Chat Theme?

You may have noticed that the new site theme has been published. Now, before the update, we had (in my opinion) one of the best looking, cleanest, easiest to read chatroom themes of any site on the ...
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Can the profile 'website link' be made to render Steam/YouTube/Twitch channel names like the Twitter one does?

I was updating my profile and I noticed that we now support links to Twitter, Which render the name of the feed quite nicely on the profile itself: This is great! My question is: could we do this ...
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The form for flagging an answer obscures the answer being flagged

I've been noticing something about flagging answers that I forgot to put into a question until today ... when you flag an answer, the modal form that appears is covering the answer that was flagged. ...
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Could we have the preferred tag wiki format indicated to suggesting users?

Related: How should I write tag wikis? Currently, there is no easy way to find the community's preferred tag wiki format apart from specifically searching meta for it. The sidebar has a link to the ...
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Onebox links (both streams and archives) in chat

I'd love to see links to Twitch TV oneboxed in chat for both streams and archives. So for the following link (Daigo vs. Xian at PAX): In chat, we ...
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Make the 'Related' sidebar links prioritize questions matching *all* tags

Although SE in general considers tags to be equal, we have some tags (like achievements) that are usually only valid when paired with another tag for a particular game or series. However, the code for ...
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Visited-links are too low-contrast [duplicate]

Visited links on the site are a dark blue that has very low contrast with the surrounding black text. This isn't a problem in post bodies since links are dotted-underlined (except in post preview, ...
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Moderator message pages aren't limited in width

Somebody misread the markdown formatting help and used a four indent space on a rather long paragraph in this moderator message. This screwed up the body of the page, which is now 6989 pixels wide. ...
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Markdown or HTML for gamepad buttons

I've been wishing for this for a long time, but it seems nobody even mentioned this so far. I'm talking about markdowns or HTML tags for gamepad buttons. When talking about how to perform certain ...
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Should hyperlinks be more notorious? [duplicate]

I never thought of making a topic about it, but more than once I had to eyestrain (and placing my cursor over the whole text) to find the link within a paragraph. As the pic shrinks, it's easier to ...
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Visited links are invisible on new profile

Some of these words are links! Can you tell which ones? I can't, because having visited them, their colour is almost identical to regular text.
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