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Can We Use the Old Chat Theme?

You may have noticed that the new site theme has been published. Now, before the update, we had (in my opinion) one of the best looking, cleanest, easiest to read chatroom themes of any site on the ...
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Moderator message pages aren't limited in width

Somebody misread the markdown formatting help and used a four indent space on a rather long paragraph in this moderator message. This screwed up the body of the page, which is now 6989 pixels wide. ...
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Is there some way to request peer review on an edit?

I just edited this answer, I just reached 2000+ reputation and the edit got immediately accepted. Is there some way to turn this off? I´m fairly sure this was a good edit, but I have done bad edits ...
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Cannot search Arqade mobile site from Nintendo 3DS

I was playing a game on my 3DS and wanted to get an answer about it, so I figured I'd use the 3DS's web browser to access Arqade. Overall the mobile site works quite well on the 3DS (though it is not ...
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Make this site Wii-browseable

Wikipedia, when browsed via the Wii's Internet Channel, has a nice large font view. I'd like to be able to browse Gaming.SE from a Wii in a similar fashion, too. Currently I can't even search ...
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Is There a Way to Post Spreadsheets in an Answer?

I have an answer which needs to calculate all possible combinations from a quest pool to determine what the most likely outcome of re-rolling a quest would be for the current combination of quests: ...
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Make the 'Related' sidebar links prioritize questions matching *all* tags

Although SE in general considers tags to be equal, we have some tags (like achievements) that are usually only valid when paired with another tag for a particular game or series. However, the code for ...
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Do we want to enable the photo widget for our site?

With the screenshot-of-the-week being popular for about 2 months now, the mod team was wondering if the community would like to enable the photo widget for our site to highlight these screenshots. ...
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Flag without review on a deleted post

I created a flag a while ago (28-mar) and it still not reviewed. But the flagged post doesn't exist anymore. Could someone check this for me? I can't open a flag to this problem =X So I'm posting it ...
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Can better support be added for creating tables, for science?

When writing an answer like the one here, I felt the need to create tables to display summarized data. Since I believe we are a site that encourages users to provide detailed data whenever possible, ...
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Visited-links are too low-contrast [duplicate]

Visited links on the site are a dark blue that has very low contrast with the surrounding black text. This isn't a problem in post bodies since links are dotted-underlined (except in post preview, ...
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Can we have a way to view a random Question?

No, this isn't a random question. I want to SEE random questions! Is there an easy way for the addition of "RANDOM" under the questions tab so you can cycle through random questions? Maybe I'll ...
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Should hyperlinks be more notorious? [duplicate]

I never thought of making a topic about it, but more than once I had to eyestrain (and placing my cursor over the whole text) to find the link within a paragraph. As the pic shrinks, it's easier to ...
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Can the review queues respect ignored tags?

While still playing through Bioshock Infinite, I have the tag ignored to avoid any spoilers. While going through the review queue, I came upon a question asking, Why did X happen during the ending? ...
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Put the Meta back in Meta Arqade

I noticed that the Arqade Meta doesn't have "Meta" in its logo. Was this purposeful or accidental? Not a top priority, but I suggest that Arqade Meta has the Meta text in its logo.

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