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Screenshot of the Week Themes

To make is easier to track what themes have been suggested, this will be a central location for proposing themes for future Screenshot of the Week contests. Please limit answers to one theme per ...
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Arqade Community Check-in 2019: A call for input

Arqade, our well loved Q&A site for passionate videogamers is rapidly approaching its 9th birthday! We (and Stack Exchange as a whole) have grown a lot as a community from those heady days and - ...
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Screenshot of the Week contest #1

This contest has ended previous contest | next contest Welcome to the first edition of the Screenshot of the Week! As part of our community building efforts, we’ve decided to go ahead with Joachim’s ...
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Nominations have ended! Those of you who signed up for bounties and were matched have been pinged. Go go go! OMG BOUNTY PROCESS 2012 Last year a bunch of us gave away a bunch of rep and that ...
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Screenshot of the Week - Hall of Fame

Since the screenshot-of-the-week contest was based on the 'Photo of the Week' contest of our Photography sister website (see here), a corresponding 'Hall of Fame' has been suggested (here), to ...
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Community promotion sponsorship -- new game releases for community members

It's experiment time! We'd like to try the following -- with help from the moderators and community leaders. When a new "big" game is released, provide (x) copies of it gratis to community ...
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Mass Effect 3: Missions on Gaming.SE

BioWare recently released the third installment in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 continues the battle against the prehistoric alien race- Reapers - who are destroying Earth and the Galaxy as ...
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Welcome Dragonrage and Unionhawk to the Moderator Team!

As we’re sure you’ll remember, Arqade last held an election in June 2019. Since then, the mod team has been working fairly heavily on a few activities that need moderator attention (community building ...
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Diablo 3 Prize Winners!

Update: Most of the prizes have been shipped by now. The t-shirts are taking a little longer because we had to wait to have them made until we got everyone's sizes. Just talked to our warehouse and ...
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StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Event

A few months back I asked this question about a HoTS event for Starcraft 2 and was told to check back around nowish. It's nowish. Let's bake this turkey! ..ok, @bapd deleted the question cause he's ...
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So You Want to Attend Movie Night

Given that we're a few Movie Nights in (to the point where I've stopped numbering them), I think it's time we nail some things down. Do not talk to me about Fight Club: Seriously, I've heard it all. ...
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For which games would you like to see regular events and/or tournaments?

Since we already got two successfully executed ideas for community events from this meta post, I'd like to expand onto one idea brought up in the answers by Wrigglenite: Periodic gaming sessions ...
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Arqade & SciFi Cross-site Topic Challenge: The Elder Scrolls

The challenge has now begun! The Arqade moderators have decided to do a joint topic challenge with our sister site, Science Fiction & Fantasy. The theme for this topic challenge is for the the-...
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Would this idea for a challenge series work on either gaming or gaming meta?

I'm from the puzzling stack exchange where questions can be either related to puzzles such as "Who invented X type of puzzle?" or (more often) challenges, particularly where the asker knows ...
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