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Where should I ask subjective "game recommendation" questions? [duplicate]

I have certain consoles, and I'm always looking for recommmendations on certaing genres I like. Is gaming stackexchange the place to ask for these recommendations? Who better than the users here to ...
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Should we give a website recommendation for off-topic identification and recommendation questions? [duplicate]

We have some topics on Arqade that we do consider as off-topic. I will here talk about the four ones you can flag a question for: Questions about unreleased or illegal content. Questions about Game ...
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Where should I ask for game suggestions based on games I've enjoyed? [duplicate]

Are there websites or other services when I can get decent answers to questions such as: I enjoyed X, based on the things that make X great, what other games would others reccomend I try and why?
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Considering recommendation requests are arguably out of place on Gaming, where should I ask them? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a very specific genre of game, that should yield no more than 2-3 recommendations, and yet, that would be great. However, considering the debate on game recommendation questions, ...
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Arqade Community Check-in 2019: A call for input

Arqade, our well loved Q&A site for passionate videogamers is rapidly approaching its 9th birthday! We (and Stack Exchange as a whole) have grown a lot as a community from those heady days and - ...
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So, what actually is a game-rec?

The problem with all encompassing policies is that people tend to use those instead of using the brain and determining whether a question possesses or not the bad qualities that make game-rec's toxic ...
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Should we replace one of our close reasons with modded Minecraft tech support?

The idea of a close reason specifically for modded Minecraft tech support has come up time and time and time again. Since we have recently revisited the wording for off-topic Minecraft questions, now ...
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Why is my question closed and marked as off-topic?

I have big doubts and competency about closing my question. How can I find more old-school players from Kazakhstan? Please re-open again.
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Should we redirect Game Identifications to other SE (or even non-SE) sites? [duplicate]

From time to time we do get a few Game Identification questions, that are off-topic since they lack images. However, is it acceptable if we redirect users towards other domains where they can get ...
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Add a link to The Bridge chatroom for Game Recommendations in the FAQ

Because The Bridge is an acceptable place to discus Game Recommendation questions, should the faq be updated to include a link saying where to discuss it, rather than to the proposed 'Game Rec' site ...
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