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Another way to deal with ID questions

I have a particular unpopular opinion, when it comes to this site. I love game ID questions, and I don't think we should restrict them to requiring media artefacts. I know this has been well discussed,...
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Game identification question based on description from memory [duplicate]

I was hoping to ask a game-identification question, basing my description of the text-based RPG on memory. But the tag description states: Only ask if you have a screenshot, video, or audio clip from ...
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Be more friendly!

Yes, a game-research question should contain a picture or something.. I had remembered a Demo was on a CD that is dated A to B in Magazine X and the genre as well as setting. So I asked my case. I had ...
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Game ID questions in SE [duplicate]

So as we all know, Arcade doesn't allow Game ID without some kind of resource (image, video clip, etc) to help the answerer correctly identify the game in question. However, I saw this question on SF&...
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Could we add links to the Meta posts created to redirect users to external sources for off-topic questions to the relevant help page?

A couple months ago, I suggested we created several Meta posts for our default off-topic close reasons so we can redirect users to a location where that particular question is on-topic and users are ...
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Arqade Community Check-in 2019: A call for input

Arqade, our well loved Q&A site for passionate videogamers is rapidly approaching its 9th birthday! We (and Stack Exchange as a whole) have grown a lot as a community from those heady days and - ...
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How can one find the name of an old arcade game without an image or sound bite? [duplicate]

Without an image or sound bite how would one find out the name of an old coin-op arcade game made before the early 90's? There does not seem to be a tag for coin op games and you can only use the game-...
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Please do not recommend moving an on topic SFF video game identification question to Arqade!

Story identification questions are perfectly on topic on SFF and in fact we are one of the main sites that have made them work. Video games are also on topic for us and we even have a specific video ...
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May I ask game identifcation questions on meta? [duplicate]

I know that I can't ask on the main site, as per the tag definition of game-identification. If I can remember some description of a game, may I ask it here? If not, does anyone know a non S.E site ...
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Should we redirect Game Identifications to other SE (or even non-SE) sites? [duplicate]

From time to time we do get a few Game Identification questions, that are off-topic since they lack images. However, is it acceptable if we redirect users towards other domains where they can get ...
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Should we give a website recommendation for off-topic identification and recommendation questions? [duplicate]

We have some topics on Arqade that we do consider as off-topic. I will here talk about the four ones you can flag a question for: Questions about unreleased or illegal content. Questions about Game ...
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What are the requirements for asking a game identification question?

I want to ask about a game I don't know the name of. How should I do that?
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Where to have game identified? [duplicate]

Where should I go to get a game identified if I don't have audiovisual of it? This site doesn't allow game ids without it and I don't have it.
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What should be done with questions asking for game identification? [duplicate]

UPDATE: Identify this game (ITG) questions based on the asker's memory are now off topic on the site. The community reached this decision with 34 vs 27 votes New ITG questions will be closed ...
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