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Minecraft crash questions should be made off-topic: yes/no?

I'm tired of seeing terrible Minecraft crash log questions. I'm tired of closing them. I'm tired of posting comments asking for a shred of useful material. Tired of seeing the same errors repeatedly. ...
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2019 Community Moderator Election Results

Arqade's sixth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for ...
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Let’s build some Arqade community ads - congratulate our winners!

Competition closed! Winners announced here Something that I brought up on the community check in post was reaching out to Stack Exchange sites that share similar ball-parks to us, and doing some ...
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What type of community events would you like to see?

When we asked for input in our 2019 Community Check-in, one of the themes present in more than one answer was the desire to build a feeling of belonging to a community and encourage participation in ...
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My game identification question was closed as off-topic. Where can I ask for help instead?

I posted a game identification question which was closed as off-topic because it was lacking a screenshot or video from the game I'm trying to identify. Is there anywhere else I can ask my question if ...
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My request for recommendations was closed as off-topic. Where can I ask for help instead?

I posted a question asking for recommendations of games, consoles, or other hardware or software, which was closed as off-topic for one of the reasons explained in this FAQ. Is there anywhere else I ...
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Can I use gaming.SE as the main Q/A for my own game?

I am in the process of finishing the first open beta for my own browser game. Naturally, I want to have some way for players to get answers on questions they have - maybe by me or (even better) by ...
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Welcome Dragonrage and Unionhawk to the Moderator Team!

As we’re sure you’ll remember, Arqade last held an election in June 2019. Since then, the mod team has been working fairly heavily on a few activities that need moderator attention (community building ...
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Re-evaluating the text of our Game Identification close reason

Update: Thanks to all for your suggestions and feedback! We have decided to go with Dragonrage's suggestion, which addressed all the key points, and combined the best parts of the other suggestions. ...
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What to do before asking a minecraft-commands question?

Want to ask a question in minecraft-commands? Don't know how to summon an entity or give a player an item? Read this guide first to make sure it isn’t already covered here, or in one of the linked ...
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Where can I ask technical troubleshooting questions about modded Minecraft?

I have an issue with Modded Minecraft. I'm pretty sure it's my computer itself that has the problem. I tried to download and play Skyfactory, and it always gave me an error on startup. Any other ...
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What exactly is technical support?

Earlier this year, we decided that modded Minecraft crashes, specifically, should be off-topic, which is a decision that I, personally, have had concerns about, fearing that a rule about a particular ...
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Update the off-topic reason for "Technical support for non-vanilla Minecraft" in the help-center

I was having a discussion with Robotnik in the comments to one of my answers, where it seems like the rule addressing tech support questions for modded minecraft is actually only for crash support, or ...
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Is it ok to ask "what is the best ___" question?

Is it alright to ask this kind of question? E.g. what is the best sword in Hypixel Skyblock Minecraft? Or no because it can be subjected to different opinions?
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Be more friendly!

Yes, a game-research question should contain a picture or something.. I had remembered a Demo was on a CD that is dated A to B in Magazine X and the genre as well as setting. So I asked my case. I had ...
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