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When a new version/season is released for a game, how should old questions/answers be altered if at all? [duplicate]

This scenario has most likely happened before and in other games, but recently League of Legends released season 4, which changed much of the game. A question was asked about the new season 4, and it ...
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VTC option for outdated questions/ Delete outdated answers [duplicate]

Arqade is unique in SE in that our subject matter is in constant flux. In they last several years, more and more games come out that patch out old problems and introduce new ones. Despite this, our ...
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How should we deal with questions and answers about rapidly changing games? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How should we deal with out of date questions/answers? While this is technically a general question, I was inspired to write this particular question simply because of ...
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How to manage a question which answer might change at some point? [duplicate]

I just answered to this question : How to enable Survival Mode in Fallout 1.4 Patch. The problem was that the mode that the user was looking for was not implemented yet. The answer is good at the ...
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Can we stop closing questions that have become obsolete as "Too Localized"?

After some recent discussion in chat, it came up that we have been closing questions as "Too Localized" because they no longer apply to the game they are about, even though they were good questions ...
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Should questions about obsoleted mechanics be simply removed?

We have quite a lot questions about minecart boosters and water elevators, neither of which work anymore in patch 1.6. The community's consensus is currently: "add a disclaimer on them all"; as the ...
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How to get an up to date answer for old questions with obsolete answers?

Explanation whether duplicate or not --> see end of post. Imagine you have a question about a game. You first search for it and find it answered a long time ago. Back then the answer was correct, but ...
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Updating an out of date answer versus keeping author intent

It is a given that, with time, questions and answers will become out dated. Good answers will not always apply to future patches, and questions may concern issues that simply do not exist in newer ...
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What defines "old games"?

While related to an early discussion on retro gaming, this isn't the same. I noticed a question got retagged to old-games, which investigation led me to see that it has a 66 questions (excluding two ...
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What should be done with out of version questions?

Gaming is a fast moving field and sometimes things get left behind or shut down. What should we do with the content on the site that is no longer pertinent to the current state of gaming? Should we ...
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How should I reword a question that has a canonical answer, but has been put on hold as speculative?

My question "Will cards obtained during the Hearthstone beta be lost after the game goes live?" has been put on hold as off-topic: This includes speculative questions about developer intent, as ...
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What do you do with questions where the correct answer has changed after a game update?

About a year ago, I asked a question about Die2Nite asking if you could camp outdoors and survive. At the time, the answer was no. However, when Season 2 started (a few months after I originally asked ...
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Are questions asking for updated info duplicates?

In reference to this question... The OP of that question more or less admits that they know that their question is a duplicate. However, they also claim that all the answers in the question are out of ...
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Should there be some way to designate answers as deprecated?

Most notably for minecraft, but I'm sure this happens with others as well, many questions and answers become irrelevant after a certain amount of time or after a game update. So should there be some ...
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Should questions be flagged as a duplicate to an out of date question?

This question about the 'Nearby' section of Pokémon Go addresses the current state functionality (no pawprints, Pokémon are not clickable to determine direction). It was suggested as a duplicate of ...
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