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Emulators and Roms [duplicate]

I just flagged a pair of topics regarding emulation today and wanted to stop by to check if I went about that correctly. One topic, Disabling Music on GBA Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, is requesting ...
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Are configuration questions about Retropie and associated hardware appropriate here? [duplicate]

Are questions about Retropie and configuration of the associated hardware and peripherals appropriate on this Q&A site? Please note that this is different from the previous questions concerning ...
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Are discussions concerning emulation/emulating off topic? [duplicate]

I've often seen some questions be buried because the question asked about things that were concerning emulators or emulation in general. But this one seems to be going fine: How to set BIOS file in ...
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Cleanup 2013: It's time to clearly identify community consensus

On meta we have a tag to denote frequently asked questions, it is the moderator only bright red tag known as faq. This tag provides us the opportunity to group together our agreed community ...
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What's our procedure for asking about not-quite-legal games?

I Saw this question today: How do I get ribbons in Pokemon Vortex? and I agree with DisgruntledGoat Pokemon Vortex isn't a real Pokemon game, just an illegal fan-made game. Don't think we should ...
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What is the most complete/stable Meta Gaming Stack Exchange emulator you've found?

What's the most complete/stable Commodore 64 emulator you've found? - July 2010 What is the most complete/stable PSX emulator you've found? - September 2010 What are the best Genesis/MegaDrive ...
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I have a potential recommendation question

I want to make sure this won't break the rules, so I'm asking here first. I am on the final trophy of Pacman World Repac, which is to beat level 9 of Original Pacman. There 3 are patterns to follow, ...
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Is asking about getting a game ROM to run on a type of architecture off-topic?

Specifically, I own Pokemon Puzzle League, but I'd like to try and run it on my MacOS for easier screen capture. The problem is, on MacOS it doesn't run with Mupen64 emulator core. I can't find any ...
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Reopen, then close again with different motive?

How do I run a downloaded Pokemon Fire Red Save File? This question was initially closed as unclear. It has been edited, and it's probably about illegal emulation; even if it is not, it is a good ...
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Are questions allowed about mods/conversions/rom hacks? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are questions about prominent mods on topic? Can we ask questions here about fan-created additions or changes to games? It's obvious for series like The Elder Scrolls that ...
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