When I'm writing a question or answer that contains plot points or secrets, I add...

a spoiler!

However, when it comes to an extensive answer, all of which is a spoiler, I either need to add breaks between the sections, or have it all in one big block (yuck!) like I have done here, because if I create paragraph blocks between spoilers, all it does is:

! turn it into a regular blockquote,

! with each paragraph being led with an exclamation.

Is there a way to create paragraphs of spoilers without having to muck around, adding breaks and such?


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I would not spoiler the whole answer. If you consider all, or most of the answer a spoiler, the question is usually asking for one, and it should be obvious that reading it and its answers can spoil something. I'd add a clear warning at the top of the answer that is sure to catch the reader's attention first, if needed, and only use the spoiler markdown for the worst spoilers in the answer.

The main reason I think huge blocks of spoilers are not great is because you need to hover over to read them, and I often read the answer on my second screen as I try it out in-game on my primary screen, so hovering is not an option.

But to strictly answer your question...

You can create paragraphs of spoilers by adding an empty HTML comment between the paragraphs (<!-- -->)

Like so.

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