How exactly can I highlight certain letters in words? I recently answered a question where I wanted to highlight the starting letters of 3 words. I finally had to put in spaces so the letters appear bold. Just as an example:

This doesn't work

T his does but it looks pretty ugly.

Same goes for italic

S ee?

It also doesn't work in a word.

Again I'd need to use sp a ces

I know it's a rather minor thing, but i often feel like highlighting certain letters can be useful in gaming related context (especially with all those abbreviations).

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You can just use HTML markup in the rare case where Markdown doesn't function.

Like this.

That's so ugly I can't stand that I wrote it.

Which is:

<b>L</b>ike <i>t</i>his.

<sup>That's so ugly I can't stand that I wrote it.</sup>
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    Upvoted for accuracy, downvoted for ugliness.
    – Sterno
    Aug 21, 2014 at 12:01

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