Should non-game related gaming console questions be allowed? Some question might be "Does Blu-Ray work for XBox 360"?

Should these be allowed because they are a gaming console or are they better suited for the electronic gadget proposal? (or even super user)

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Note that SuperUser will take consoles-being-used-as-a-PC questions, e.g., installing Linux on your PS3. Console hardware questions aren't on-topic there outside a PC scope — installing Linux drivers for your optical drive is OK, asking whether the drive can play Blu-Rays is not. Like Juan I think we can handle the rest of the questions related to consoles.


I think it's a borderline topic, I'd say yes because it's related to consoles (which would make it off topic on super user) and consoles are exclusive to gaming.

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    note that PC hardware questions should belong on Super User Jul 9, 2010 at 8:37

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