I want to ask a question about game X, but this is the first time anyone asks about X so there's no corresponding [X] tag, and my reputation is too low to create a new tag. How should I tag it?

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State the game name clearly in your title and question body.

In the meantime, put some tags that do exist: platform, genre, and any other related items. You don't need to be obnoxious with a loud "PLEASE TAG THIS", just having the game name is often sufficient: often times that the people who can retag very easily notice when a question about a game has the platform and genre tags but not the game title, and will spring into action and retag the question appropriately.

If noone has edited your post with the game tag in a couple of days, you can ask someone in chat, or flag your post for moderator attention, with a custom reason asking for the tag to be created.

Note: In the spirit of keeping the tagging system as referring to the content of the questions, we should try to minimize the amount of "system" tagging on the main site. So we shouldn't opt for something like [tag-this-game] or any similar solution.

Another note: If the tag for your game doesn't exist, but a tag for one of its predecessors or sequels does, please don't use the wrong tag. Just make sure your question clearly states the name of the game you are playing, and you may opt to clarify at the end to establish which specific version you're asking about. But adding the wrong tag will simply invite trouble and make a mess out of things. Replacing a tag versus adding a tag is no difference in work, but the latter won't be giving false pretenses to other users.


You can flag your post for moderation attention, and specify which game it is about in the detailed flagging message.

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    You still need to ask the question first, which requires at least one existing tag. Please clarify your answer to specify how to determine which such existing tag is best. – Damian Yerrick Sep 11 '17 at 20:09

Tags can't be created without questions, just ask your question and use an irrelevant tag and add a comment asking for a user to add the proper tag.

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    Preferably use a tag that gets close, but the end result will be the same. – Frank Sep 9 '14 at 15:09

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