Which benefits the site as a whole? Maintaining previous answers or creating new ones?

Consider this. Games that we play nowadays are rarely the final version. Most of them have DLC releases, new patch/bug fixes that are released sporadically, or version changes. Even games that may seem final never really become "final".

As such, answers to a question that may have come during a game's initial stage may become invalid towards a later stage. As a result, the question becomes "should I edit previous answers to fit the new criteria" or "should I create a new answer to add more information, but in the process lose the answers previously used"?

Thanks, and I appreciate all feedback.


When editing the original meaning of the answer should not change. If the update is large (such as changing a whole mechanic), a new answer is probably better than overhauling an existing answer. If the update simply changes around some values, it's more useful to edit the values in the existing answer.

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