Is there a way to ping your mobile if there is activity on your question or answer?

I think it would require a SE app. But bottom line is everything is more and more mobile/tablet/phablet. I normally try to hang around once I have posted something. But it could become moot to keep refreshing the page to see if I got any replies to a question.

Is it possible to get this feature?


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Under the Settings tab on your profile, under 'Email settings', there's an option to get emailed when you have a new notification. Using this and an email app on your phone with push notifications enabled, you can kind of get the functionality you want.

Email notification settings

It's not instant, but it's pretty close.


If you're only interested in a few questions' activity, the easiest way is probably checking its RSS feed - just look at the bottom of the right-hand column, above the footer:

where's the RSS button?

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