I have been tagging my StarCraft 2 questions that deal with achievements with starcraft-2, achievements, and starcraft-2-achievements. The starcraft-2-achievements tags keep being removed by other users. I wouldn't care except I added the tags to the posts because there are steam-achievements and live-achievements in the system.

What stance do we want to take on game / service achievement tagging?

Achievements in relation to other tags

  • starcraft-2 achievements
  • live achievements

vs. achievements attached to their service / game

  • starcraft-2-achievements starcraft-2
  • live-achievements live

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Personally, I would suggest we use [achievements] for all of these. Do we really need a [bunny-must-die-achievements] tag, which might be seen all of once or twice, as an example?

I think [achievements] is the kind of tag that works very well using context of other tags, because any necessary point to those achievements should already be a tag whether it is the platform or the game. For example, a question about XBox Live achievements can be understood by the presence of [xbox-live] [achievements], since it is verily a question about XBox Live as well.

  • As one of those people who did aforementioned removing, I agree with Grace, as this was the basis for my own logic. Jul 28, 2010 at 20:56

My opinion (and it's only my opinion) is that per game tag should not be used, and per system can be used (or not).

achievements is a correct tag, which can go hand to hand with the game tag, for example tagging starcraft-2 and achievements it's very clear what you're talking about, which would make starcraft-2-achievements unnecessary.

There could be a question about live-achievements and steam-achievements specifically, so it's ok for this tags to exist, but I wouldn't use them when talking about a specific game, where I would use the more general achievements tag

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