After reviewing this answer in the 'Low Quality Post' queue, and then clicking on 'Recommend Deletion' selecting a comment, I get to this URL: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/112855/recommend-delete?delete-main=&fkey=40ef87016c8df76d1946073ffd62e27f

This is the screenshot of the page I get from that URL: enter image description here.

I don't appear as a recent reviewer in the review queue, and it doesn't register that I have reviewed the answer when I revisit the review URL of the question, although the comment I selected has appeared. Trying to click 'Recommend Deletion' again, then not selecting a comment, still leads to the same 'Page Not Found' page. If I go back to the 'Low Quality Posts' queue through the Review page, it still shows me the answer as if I never reviewed it.

Screenshot of the review page below. Notice that it still allows me to review the said answer even though the 'Recommend Deletion' comment I previously selected was already there: enter image description here

My browser is Opera 12.14.


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Thank you! It is indeed a bug — it is fixed and the patch should be rolled out shortly.

See also 404 after recommending deletion in "Low Quality Posts" queue.

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