I've created the tag because it's a lot easier to remember, but should we change it to make it more in line with the name?

For example, should we go with:


(no dash) is what we should be using. While being a sequel to Bit.Trip Runner, the game is not a Bit.Trip game itself - the collection of six games is over and done with; the game itself retains the core mechanics of the first game but very little of the Bit.Trip aesthetics.

  • The official website is runner2.com
  • The official website title tag reads "Runner 2 Dev Blog", but the rest of the static site references it as "Runner2"
  • "Runner2" is the link text about the game in the Games dropdown at developer website gaijingames.com
  • The full name of the game, as seen on Steam, has no space between "Runner" and "2".
  • The game is not part of the Bit.Trip collection.
  • The developers speak consistently about "Runner2", rather than "Bit.Trip Runner 2"
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    people refer to it as bit trip runner 2 though – sayu Feb 26 '13 at 20:06
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    @Retrosaur That's why we have tag synonyms. "Bit Trip Runner 2" is not what the game is called. – badp Feb 26 '13 at 20:08

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