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As Jeff mentions in the comments here, tag length limits are never going to change.

This is relevant, because [the-legend-of-zelda] is a bad choice of tag to use by itself to refer to the series. Like [dragon-quest], it will be shared with the tag for the first game in the series (and unlike DQ, we can't just append a "1" and be done with it). So the preferable course of action would be to add -series to the end. However, [the-legend-of-zelda-series] is 26 characters long - too long.

Either [zelda] (which matches [mario]) or [zelda-series] (which matches [dragon-quest-series]) should function fine. While -series explicitly identifies that the tag refers to the series, Zelda is almost as big a name as Mario so it is very well understood. And like Mario, this shorthand isn't the name of a game in the series, so it is not ambiguous. Whether we move for a trend of using -series at the end for all of these or only the ones that directly conflict with a game title is the topic of a different question. But for this question itself, I recommend using the Zelda shorthand instead of the extended The Legend of Zelda.


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