Ok, the title might seem a little stupid because I have no idea what this kind of thing is called. For example, when I click on , I see in the related tags section:

, , , , , the list goes on and on and on.

Aren't these technically all related to Team Fortress 2? Unlike Minecraft, which has different versions of gameplay (e.g. Minecraft-smp, minecraft-Bukkit), these tags are all about TF2. I guess you could says at picking a different character is kind of like another version of gameplay, but to me, its really all the same.

So what's the scope on this?


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These kind of tags (I call them "subtags") were proposed/endorsed by Jeff as a solution to situations where having just the game tag isn't enough to meaningfully subdivide questions. The intent is to use them for games that are likely to/starting to approach hundreds or even thousands of questions.

I went into some detail about my opinions on the subject here, if you were wanting more of an opinion and less of a statement of facts. :)

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