The Diablo III Acts page lists 3 requirements for the latter 3 acts: 1+ voted questions, 5+ voted questions, and 10+ voted questions.

Our individual user pages, however, list 1+, 5+, and 8+.

I think that's just a typo in copy+pasting the ME3 mission code, and I don't know if it's visual (ie., it displays an 8, but only recognizes a 10) or in the actual display code itself (it displays and requires only 8).

Just a heads up!

Edit: I can now confirm that the display code is only checking for 8+ and not 10+, as my user page lists me as having 1/1 8+ for Act 2 even though the answer in question (this has only 8 and not 10).

  • Was about to post this too, it happened the same to me with this question. What's the actual value? 8 or 10?
    – Kappei
    May 15 '12 at 10:12

Fixed the typo on diablo3acts.com. The correct values are 1+, 5+, and 8+. Sorry about that. Thanks!

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