Is it possible to beat Google's zerg rush easter egg game?

I downvoted and voted to close this question. I don't think it belongs on the site. Others may disagree.

Should questions about this thing be allowed on the main site? Why or why not?


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I feel that these are on topic and should not be closed or downvoted for the sole reason that they are either too simple or related to a Google Doodle/Easter Egg. (Obviously it's possible to ask a close- or downvote-worthy question about this subject, as it is possible on any subject)

For instance, Pac-Man is a previous doodle, and I'd say that questions about Pac-Man, or the Google Doodle variant, would be on topic. Note that I just liked an old doodle that's not on the front page of Google anymore - they're archived, and therefore I don't think "too localized" applies. Previous easter eggs such as do a barrel roll are still valid, despite being months old.

There are many simple flash games around the internet, and I don't think it makes sense to say this is "too simple to be a game" - there are plenty of valid questions for even the simplest games.

With regard to this game in particular, there are a ton of games similar to this, where you must react to some element on the screen by clicking it, and failing too often leads to game over. Ant Crusher for iOS, for example. Heck, even Missile Command is an arguably similar experience.


I would think that it is on topic for now, but if it happens to not get archived in the near future and the topic somehow becomes active again, then I would say close it as too localized.


I am not trying to generate a blanket rule here: this pertains only to Google's "zerg rush" Easter egg.

This thing should not be in the valid topic space for Gaming.

Possible reasons:

  • It's not even a game (don't argue the minutiae of the definition of the word game with me)
  • It's not deep enough, as an activity, for expertise to be meaningful
  • It's not meant to be played as a game; it's meant to be playful, short-lived fun
  • ಠ_ಠ
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    Your argument is based on the minutiae of the definition of "game", so telling us not to argue that is a bit counterproductive. I certainly don't see a disparity between "playful, short-lived fun" and "gaming"; I don't even think it's minutiae. Commented Apr 27, 2012 at 18:47
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    Downvoting is for things you don't like. Ruling things off-topic based on dislike would be ridiculous. I think if you want to go with a "I know whether it's a game when I see it" sort of thing instead of making rules about it that are argued, I don't see the point of making this post. VTC, let others vote as they see fit, let it resolve naturally. Commented Apr 27, 2012 at 19:40

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