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I incorrectly answered a question about doomrl. The original author had tagged it with 'roguelikes', but an editor removed that tag. Had that tag existed, it would have provided the context needed to avoid providing a bad answer.

I submitted a retag on it that appears to have been shot down in peer review; is there a reason that roguelikes is a bad tag for this question? Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the tag?

  • The long and short of it is we only use them for questions about the genre, as given our tag limit (5) and the fact that many games are cross-genre nowadays, it's not feasible for us to support genre tags for classifying games in questions.
    – FAE
    Apr 3, 2012 at 18:15

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I declined that tag edit. The tag is distinct enough to tell you it is the roguelike.

The purpose of the genre tags can be found here.

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