Various images from the FAQ and privilege info pages are either low quality, outdated, or simply incorrect. For example, this image is of especially low quality:

Sure, it's not a huge problem, but it's an annoyance. These would be easy to fix with newer images specific to SE Gaming, like so:

Call it a pet peeve, but it just seems rather silly to have these things when the rest of the site is so professional.


As an update to this, it appears that the various images are not cross-site, since SO-Meta has my updated image, but we don't. (If you think about it, that's pretty odd, since the image is SE Gaming themed, but whatever.)

Additionally, this answer on Meta Stack Overflow claims that the pages are community content and can be edited. While I don't appear to have the privileges to edit them, I'm sure some people do.

I propose we all try to create some new SE Gaming-specific images to replace the old inferior ones. If they are well-received, someone should edit them in. Who's with me?


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The old FAQ was replaced with the much upgraded Tour, and the site's design was updated to a 'unified theme' with the rest of the network, which standardised a bunch of things, including the voting buttons and vote count positions.

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