I'm fairly new to SE and I've become sort of an addict to these sites. In my daily scouring of gaming.SE, I've noticed some questions regarding what the best specs/skills are to pick up for your character (WoW characters, Skyrim characters, etc.).
Some examples of these questions:

I think these questions should be considered as non-constructive since defining one spec over another as "best" or "proper" is subjective and could lead to debate. Any thoughts?

  • @Robotnik Why the strange revision history? It got closed, the duplicates got edited in automatically, then you edited and reopened it just to close it once more. – Joachim Mar 11 at 7:20
  • @Joachim - The question is old enough to have the old 'close as duplicate' text. When closing as duplicate, the system used to simply insert a 'duplicate of' quote-box message into the body. With the recent CSS change to how quote blocks look, this no longer 'stood out' enough for my liking, and as I could see a few other things that needed editing, I decided to also reopen and reclose so that it uses the new 'close box' format. (I also had to edit the duplicate list to add back the secondary duplicate, which added another revision as well) – Robotnik Mar 11 at 10:36
  • Plus, it's just looks really awkward with the old close text – Robotnik Mar 11 at 10:45
  • @Robotnik Right, thanks for clearing that up! – Joachim Mar 11 at 11:23

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