If you pop along to /election on an SE site not currently in election, you will see a list of the site's previous elections (for examples see SU or SO).

Currently /election on Gaming goes to the currently active election page, which is fine, but how would I access the list of previous elections on Gaming at the moment? I'm interested in seeing which of the current crop of candidates ran in previous elections, what they said back then and so on.

I know that I can go to /election/1, /election/2 and so on, but this is doesn't feel like the correct way it should have to be done, and to find out what the last election was I'd have to start at 1 and keep going until I hit the current election (sure, it's only 3 at the moment, but this method hardly scales).

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It's probably by design there's no link to the election list: when an election is over, there isn't a direct link anywhere to the list, either. Normally, /election is for the actual election, but the election list as a placeholder during the off-season.

To that end, if you supply an unused number (like 0), you'll get the whole list. Try:


With the caveat that the list doesn't think there's an election going on right now.

  • Ah, that'll do nicely as a general work-around. Thanks.
    – DMA57361
    Commented Feb 2, 2012 at 12:48

Workaround - visit the list of moderators in /about. Below every moderator there is a link to the election they won.

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