Following up on my post from yesterday:

On the coming murder of "dependent" and "meta" tagging

Here is a sampling of "off-topic" tags from the top 20% or so (a totally unscientific 20%, to be sure - I just stopped after I got a whole bunch) of all tags on the site.

Why are these tags under consideration? Why is the answer burnination rather than X or Y?

The template for suggesting these tags for permanent burnination is the tag. It's been discussed a couple of times, so I don't want to rehash it here; please review:

Why do we have a game-rec tag if it's off topic?

Why are there so many game recommendation questions?

- Many off-topic questions about sales figures for games. Also a few "shopping advice and recommendations" questions.

- See the linked meta posts above. If there's value in keeping some of the questions around, the suggestion is re-tagging them.

- Many closed questions under this tag, (mostly regarding "does X count as piracy?") and quite a few that would stand alone without it - Gaming.SE is a gaming site, and not a legal site. We are not lawyers, and should not attempt to provide legal advice.

- Speculation of the future of the industry and of upcoming releases + Too Localized - either we're giving information about a game that hasn't been released yet (and release dates are often subject to change) or the data is irrelevant once the game's been released.

- Ambiguous tag (I've marked it before) - what is a "theory" question? In one definition, it asks us to speculate, so I dumped it here.

- Off topic, likely to be migrated.

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  • Deleted all off-topic questions from . The remainder questions should remain tagged as they are, for lack of other tags.
  • was small, so I burninated it by hand
  • Again, I disagree with touching until further discussion on meta. We have plenty open questions here.
  • Deleted closed questions asking about single games. Tag renamed to to discourage more questions about release dates.
  • Handled all questions that just had ; the rest have been pwnd by Rebecca.
  • Deleted all closed questions, retagged the rest.
  • re: game-rec, Grace says: "The tag currently still persists because the tag has not been completely removed yet" and suggests renaming it to something else post-purge. Do we need to discuss further what it should be called in its next life?
    – agent86
    Commented Jan 20, 2012 at 17:43
  • 3
    theory ==> i.sstatic.net/pi1t3.jpg Commented Jan 20, 2012 at 23:17
  • @RebeccaChernoff There you fixed it.
    – badp
    Commented Jan 21, 2012 at 0:06

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