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Are questions about prominent mods on topic?

Can we ask questions here about fan-created additions or changes to games? It's obvious for series like The Elder Scrolls that user modding is encouraged through providing a creation toolbox, but it could be argued couple of other very popular user-created additions are treading a fine line between modding and copyright infringement/piracy (e.g rom hacks). Is there a site policy on this?

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  • I see no problem personally. – badp Nov 18 '11 at 12:01

Questions about mods from gamers' perspective are okay, as outlined here:

Questions about developing mods or creating maps aren't, as outlined here:

Questions about emulators are okay, but linking to ROMs or ROM sites usually isn't, as outlined here:

So the only thing remaining in your question are questions about mods that "are treading a fine line between modding and copyright infringement". In those cases I don't think it's any of our problem - the mod authors might be infringing but I think it's okay to ask questions in this site about those mods, from a gamer's perspective.