I try to keep an eye on and keep its population low. A couple of days ago it occurred to me that a tag wiki inviting others to do the same might be a good idea and so submitted an edit for consideration.

Shortly afterward, I was awarded the reputation for an accepted edit. However, the edit doesn't seem to have "taken":

  1. The tag page has no wiki/description block at the top.
  2. The link in my reputation tab is to a nonexistant question (for my previous wiki edits, the link redirects to the appropriate tag wiki). Similarly, you get a 404 if you attempt to visit the tag's info page directly.

Is there something about the tag which prevents it from having a wiki? Should it have a wiki?

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When a tag gets cleared of all questions, it is deleted from the database. This deletes its association from the tag wikis it had, which become orphan. There was already another tag wiki for untagged that got orphaned before that one too.

Moderators have access to the list of orphan wikis so that content isn't lost, but that's beside the point.

The point is, no, doesn't get to have a tag wiki because it shouldn't exist in the first place. Please reject all suggested edits for this tag wiki.


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