Is it possible to float images here in Gaming.SE?

It seems the html style-attribute is completely disabled, any other way to do it?

What do I need it for? See my answer here as an example for the need for floating: What do the symbols next to the player names mean?


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We don't feel the additional complexity this would incur is worth the minor benefit to a tiny handful of posts.

In pretty much every case, you can achieve the same result with simpler unfloated images (and remember unfloated images can "stack" next to each other left-to-right..).

  • Ok, I get your point with complexity. I don't understand though how I could achieve the same result with unfloated images in the above named question. (at least not without replacing the text with images, which would be bad for SEO and usability)
    – magnattic
    Jan 21, 2012 at 15:33

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