I was wondering if we should make a synonym of . I ask this because essentially the hardware is identical, the major difference being that the plastic cartridges are keyed differently so one won't fit in the other.

As an aside, I should point out that is a hardware add-on, and thus definitely merits a separate tag if that should come up.

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The two games in the answer to the single question appear to only have been released for the Famicom; the wiki articles don't mention the NES, anyways. To me that implies that there are Famicom-specific questions and that the tags are useful if separate.


They are different systems; leave the separate. The Famicom is the Japanese predecessor to the US NES. They will not play each other's games.

  • Strictly, that is not true. The chipsets are identical and the systems themselves don't care if it is a Japanese or US game plugged in. There is a physical difference in the cartridge, but a file will take care of that.
    – CyberSkull
    Oct 14, 2011 at 12:25

I would propose keeping them separate, since I know of at least one Wikipedia article that indicates the game was changed while being localized to North America. Therefore, a question about the Famicom version could have a different answer than a question about the NES version.

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