Smileys in posts look off because they also get the 14px margin at the bottom that's intended for normal images. Smileys however also have the wp-smiley class, so it should be possible to have them appear inline correctly.

If you're logged onto the blog you can see the problem in action here. Otherwise see here.

I could honestly do with turning automatic smileys off, but...

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    I'm all for disabling smiley's altogether. I hate smileys. – Wipqozn Sep 15 '11 at 13:15

I've disabled smileys for now, the default ones look out of place in pretty much any theme of any WP blog ever.

I can't make a CSS fix if someone else decides to turn them back on in future though, since moving to SE I lost the power to edit themes.

shouldn't be an issue though because nobody will turn them back on... right?

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